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Bluebell Hydro & Physio Ltd

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How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions that you will require is dependent on many factors. These factors include the nature of your condition, the complexity of your condition, the length of time you have had the condition, your age and many more. It is often very difficult to advise how many appointments you will need before assessing you. Your physiotherapist will be able to advise you on the number of sessions required at the initial assessment.

How long is a physiotherapy assessment and physio/hydro treatment?

Musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy assessments are 30 minutes. Neurological, paediatric and other physiotherapy assessments are normally up to 60 minutes, depending how complex the health condition. For musculoskeletal and neurological physiotherapy/hydrotherapy treatment the normal session length is 30 minutes. Session length can be increased to one hour. The length of treatment sessions can be increased if required but cannot be reduced.

How soon can I have a physiotherapy appointment?

Bluebell Hydro and Physio  have no waiting lists. We are normally able to arrange an assessment within  24-72 hours. We can often provide same day appointments.

What are the types of physiotherapy you offer?

Bluebell Hydro and Physio provide different types of physiotherapy and hydrotherapy  for the following types of conditions:

  • Musculoskeletal – neck pain, back pain, joint problems, muscular problems
  • Sports Injuries – sport related conditions and injuries
  • Surgery – conditions requiring rehabilitation following many types of surgery
  • Neurological – conditions affecting the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord)
  • Chronic Pain / Fatigue – complex conditions causing pain and fatigue
  • Rheumatology – inflammatory conditions of the joints of the body
  • Learning Difficulties – physical and mental conditions
  • Mental Health – conditions affecting cognition and memory
  • Womens Health – pregnancy related problems
  • Respiratory – conditions affecting the respiratory system
  • Vestibular – conditions affecting balance and causing dizziness
  • Amputees – upper and lower limb amputees
  • Paediatric – all of the above types of conditions in children and adolescents
Can I refer myself to Bluebell? Do you accept Charity funding? Do you accept private medical insurance?

Yes, we accept referrals from anywhere. Bluebell Hydro and Physio do receive referrals from doctors but we also accept self-referrals and referrals from family, carers, solicitors, case managers, rehabilitation companies, consultants and many more.

Yes, we accept charity funding. You should contact the Charities first, providing relevant documentation to ensure that they agree to fund the treatment and gain authorisation from them. For more information please contact us.

Yes. Bluebell Hydro and Physio is registered with many private medical insurers. If you would like to fund treatment via a private medical insurer you should contact the insurer first to ensure that they agree to fund the treatment and gain authorisation from them. 

If you wish to start treatment immediately you can pay upfront for treatment and attempt to recover the costs via your insurer. Wherever possible Bluebell Hydro and Physio will invoice your insurer directly.

Some insurers ask for a clinic provider number. If your insurer requires a clinic provider number please contact us.

If you have private medical insurance we will aim to invoice your insurer directly. For more information we recommend that you contact your insurer directly. If they agree to be invoiced for treatment Bluebell Hydro and Physio will invoice them directly. Your insurer may request that you pay for your treatment and claim the costs back. If your insurers request that you pay for your own treatment Bluebell Hydro and Physio  will provide you with receipts for your payment with all of the necessary details to allow you to recoup the costs.


You may also have an excess to your policy. This excess may be payable to Bluebell Hydro and Physio or your insurer. Please contact your insurer for more information about excess payments.

To find out more about our services, or to arrange an appointment please call us now on 07429 671116 or email

Can I request a female / male physiotherapist?

Yes. Bluebell Hydro and Physio have male and female physiotherapists. If you have a preference as to the sex of your physiotherapist please feel free to request a male / female physiotherapist when arranging your appointment.

If I fail to attend my appointment will I be charged? Can I rearrange my appointment?

If you inform us more than 48 hours prior to your appointment that you are unable to attend the appointment it can be rearranged or cancelled. If you fail to attend an appointment and do not provide 48 hours notice you will be charged in full for the appointment. You can rearrange the appointment more than 48 hours before the appointment.

First Visit. What should I wear? What should I bring with me to the physiotherapy assessment?

Suitable clothing depends on the nature of your condition. It is likely that you will be required to undress to some degree to allow your physiotherapist to see and treat your problem. Loose clothing needs to be worn for the initial assessment and swimwear (waterproof if needed, must be provided) and two towels for the pool area.

To get the maximum benefit out of your initial assessment you should bring with you:

  • Suitable clothing
  • Relevant medical reports or letters
  • Relevant scan or x-ray reports
  • A relative if your memory is reduced
  • Any supports / braces / orthotics you use
  • Your running shoes if your condition is running related
  • A carer/family member(s) to assist with dressing and transfers after assessment if needed.
Will I receive treatment on my first visit?

If booked as a combined Initial Assessment and first treatment session, treatment is usually provided on the first visit and you will generally be advised of things to complete before your next treatment session. With very complex cases treatment may not begin at the first visit. Wherever possible treatment will always be provided at the first visit.

Where can I park?

Our clinic is located at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital, there is hospital parking available.

If you have difficulty walking more than 50 yards, park in Disabled Car Park ‘A’, display your Blue Badge, parking is free for Blue Badge Holders. Take the lift to the 1st floor, turn left out of the lift then follow the corridor, it is a short walk to the entrance of the Hydrotherapy Department located opposite the “Café Royale”. 

Please be aware that the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital does impose charges for parking in Main Car Park ‘C’, see the payment information at the pay point in the car park. Parking is free for Blue Badge holders, but please remember to display your blue badge.

Entering by the main entrance ‘C’ doors, wheelchairs are available for hire (if required) with a £1 coin in the Hospital reception area. Follow the long corridor directly in front of you taking a right turn after approx. 75 yards and then again follow the corridor down to the entrance of the Hydrotherapy Department located on your left-hand side (double doors to Hydro Dept. are located opposite the Cafe Royale).